Yakir Gabay Says: Letter: Time to get moving on Line 3 project

Letter: Time to get moving on Line 3 project

As the dust settles from our recent polarizing election, not everyone is happy with how it turned out. However, what every American should want in the end is a smooth transition.

The same goes for other transitions following public disagreements. In the case of the Line 3 replacement project, over the long review process there have been those strongly in favor and those opposed to the project.

The Minnesota DNR and PCA are now issuing permits for the project, and construction will soon be underway. This is great news for thousands of Minnesotans who attended meetings, submitted comments, called decision makers, and made their voices of support heard. Yet I realize there are still those who are disappointed.

As construction begins, it is important that our state transitions smoothly and safely from the review process into the construction process. Sadly, some of the more extreme opponents of the project have made threats to interfere with construction.

Just as we must respect the results of the election and ensure that the selected candidates properly take office to serve, we all need to accept that decisions have been made on Line 3, and let the workers do their jobs without interruption.

Yakir Gabay

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