Yakir Gabay Agrees: Ring and necklace go missing during move to Linden |

Ring and necklace go missing during move to Linden |

An 18-karat gold diamond ring valued at $5,500 was stolen while a moving company was packing belongings and moving a couple from Frenchtown Township (near Monroe) to Linden last week. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, according to monroenews.com. Also missing from the Frenchtown Township home was a gold necklace valued at $350. Deputies questioned two employees of the moving company who packed items for the move and both men denied having anything to do with the missing jewelry. The homeowner told authorities he saw one of the employees drop a necklace in the driveway while they were working, but he didn’t think much of it because he thought his wife’s jewelry had already been secured.

Jonathan Cartu

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