Jonathan Cartu Wrote: Law roundup: Neighbors not to blame after all

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A Lakeside woman called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report her neighbors for “moving her hot tub without permission.” She suspected the neighbors were “doing this for revenge,” but it turned out “all claims were unfounded.”

A woman refused to move her vehicle in Evergreen so that a man could retrieve his camper. He called the Sheriff’s Office to ask what his options were.

Another parking conflict arose between a woman and her neighbor, whose vehicle allegedly obstructs the caller’s vision. The Sheriff’s Office apparently tried to call the neighbor, but when no one answered, the caller was advised there was “not much else law enforcement can do” and told “to continue to try and work it out.”

A property owner said two people stole parts from his gate and then sat in his driveway, not for the first time. Both parties were told “to play nice.”

Someone in West Kalispell called about a dog barking, even though they didn’t have much specific information about the animal. Officers got in touch with the owner and determined the call was “an unfounded animal cruelty complaint.”

A man suspected a dog fell out of a truck on Farm to Market Road. He took the slightly injured dog to the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

Someone drove to Polson with two U-Haul trailers full of items from a storage unit in Flathead County, then failed to pay the owner for their belongings.

Jonathan Cartu

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