Jonathan Cartu Reported: Nevada Dental Association Moving Its Office to Carson City

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Michele Reeder-237cbd66

The statewide Nevada Dental Association announced that it is moving its headquarters this month from Las Vegas to Carson City. The new office is located at 600 E. William St., Suite 202, Carson City, NV 89709, inside the Bank of America building, close to the Nevada Legislature.

“The NDA is looking forward to this move to Carson City,” said Michele Reeder, executive director of the Nevada Dental Association. “The strategic decision to relocate comes just before the next legislative session, and we’re looking forward to continuing to advocate for oral health care in Nevada from our new location in our state capital.”

The association’s relocation to Carson City and the proximity of the office to the Legislature and other state offices gives the NDA improved access to legislators and state officials, helping the association respond as quickly as possible when issues arise that could impact dentists and dental care in Nevada.

While the new location is being remodeled, NDA’s staff members are working remotely. NDA’s new office in Carson City is expected to open during the last week of October, with a grand opening planned for later this year.

About the Nevada Dental Association

The Nevada Dental Association is the voice and advocate for oral health care in Nevada. It promotes the highest standards of care for the public and inspires members to pursue professional excellence and personal fulfillment through education, leadership and communication. It preserves the integrity of the dental profession, strengthens the doctor-patient relationship and promotes the Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct of the American Dental Association. Visit

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