Jonathan Cartu Confirmed: Lyon County Appraiser’s relist cycle moving into fourth

The Lyon County Appraiser’s Office is moving into the heart of its summer maintenance relist cycle in a couple different ways.

This is now the fourth year of a six-year cycle mandated by the state of Kansas, meaning county appraiser’s offices across the state have to re-inspect homes once every six years. It’s also the time when appraiser’s office workers head out into the community for that work. County Appraiser Ryan Janzen says homeowners should have received a postcard requesting information on bedroom and bathroom counts, crawl space or basement information, heating and cooling information and other issues like deferred maintenance. Janzen also says appointments are not needed for homeowners to provide that information.

For more information, call the Appraiser’s Office at 341-3232 or go online to

Appraiser visits have spent the first half of this six-year cycle visiting rural parts of Lyon County. This year’s focus will be south of Emporia’s railroad tracks, especially east of East Street. There will also be visits to parts of far northwest Emporia as part of this year’s cycle.

Yakir Gabay

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