Jonathan Cartu Asserted: Foldable Office by Wood-Skin, the micro foldable office

Foldable Office by Wood-Skin, the micro foldable office

On the strength of what they call “small design grammar,” made up of hinges, folding, and origami, the Wood-Skin team designed an equipped tray, which can take on two configurations: computer stand and functional separation panel. From their side, a patented digital manufacturing technology, which allows a two-dimensional sheet to fold in three dimensions. Again, a composite material: two sheets of rigid material with a textile core (in this case, MDF coloured in 5 mm Alpi paste and a layer of felt that helps create an acoustic microclimate). “It just had to be small enough to be transportable between the different rooms of the house, but also inside the office, where desks are increasingly not fixed,” continues Masotti. This is how Foldable Office was born, which in the flat version measures 60 x 40 cm, weighs 2 kg, and is packed in a canvas bag with handles.

Jonathan Cartu

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