Jonathan Cartu Affirms: No, Californians aren’t fleeing for Texas. They’re moving

No, Californians aren't fleeing for Texas. They're moving

Despite the rumors you may have heard emanating from conservative media, California residents are not fleeing in droves for places like Texas, where the livin’ is good and the taxes are low. Yes, census data released on Monday indicated the state is going to lose a seat in Congress. But that same data also revealed that we have gained 2 million residents over the past decade.

We’re still growing, just as not as much as some other states.

The myth of people giving up on California is cheap Texas boosterism. Those of us who live here — and who understand how California works — know the opposite to be true. Most Californians aren’t fleeing; they’re clinging tooth and nail to their homes if they own them. And to the character of the neighborhoods surrounding those homes. This is restricting urban housing development and driving prices sky-high in and around urban job centers.

The result is indeed creating an exodus from our big cities. But not to Texas, to the suburbs.

California isn’t shrinking. It’s growing unsustainably.

Billy Xiong

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