Billy Xiong Announces: District C candidates on the issues

It’s time to restore trust in the office of the county

Tim Fanelli

Name: Timothy C. Fanelli

Age: 39

Occupation: I.T. Consultant

Family (if you have children, are they in the school district?): Fiancee Lizzie Sweene  and a daughter, Laura, who is turning 8 in two weeks. She is a third grader in the district.

Position you’re running for: Concord School Board, District C

Have you held any office prior? No

What will you bring to the school board?

My background is primarily in technology and higher education. In my career as a technology consultant, I have earned a reputation as a sought-after and trusted advisor with over a decade of experience navigating negotiations and conflict resolution in corporate board rooms. These skill-sets and an ability to keep a cool and level head are critical to navigating many of the challenges the board has faced over the past several years, and to rebuilding the trust of the community moving forward. 

I have 10 years of experience as an instructor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clarkson University in Potsdam New York, with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by our teachers of maintaining the health, safety, inclusion, and social/emotional wellbeing of the entire student body. As my time at Clarkson overlapped my career as a technology consultant, I often taught in a model that is similar to what we are now calling “hybrid learning,” balancing a mix of in-person and remote teaching. I have a unique appreciation for the challenges our teachers and staff are facing during this time.

I am also a parent of a third grader in the district. The most important thing I bring to the school board is the dedication and commitment I carry for my daughter and all of her peers, to build a strong, healthy, and safe environment for her education and future.

What is the most important issue(s) facing the Concord School District now?

The board has faced numerous very difficult challenges recently: the alleged sexual abuses that took place at Concord High School, the lack of qualifications that came to light regarding several of the district administration, the growing opportunity gap negatively affecting students in marginalized communities, and so many new unknowns caused by an unprecedented health crisis.

The most important issues facing the board right now include the need to regain confidence and trust from the community, hiring a permanent superintendent, and building an effective and equitable plan for expanded access to in-person learning that keeps our community safe. 


Brenda Hastings

Name: Brenda C.S. Hastings

Age: 55

Occupation: Retired elementary school teacher

Family (if you have children, are they in the school district?): Married to Philip Hastings. One child, Caroline Hastings, who is not in the school district.

Position you’re running for: Concord School Board, District C 

Have you held any office prior? No

What will you bring to the school board?

As a school board member, I hope to continue to contribute to the success of our educational system. Not so long ago, Concord was known as a school district of distinction; because of the quality of our schools, teachers wanted to teach, and parents wanted to move here. This is a worthy goal, and I would like to help lead us back to those high standards.

What is the most important issue(s) facing the Concord School District now?

I believe our schools are a microcosm of our community. Concord has long been a place where families, businesses and community have thrived. If I am elected to the board, I hope to:

■Improve accountability and transparency from the top down.

■Ensure the safety and security of our students and staff.

■Build trust and heal relationships between students, staff, families and the community.

■Implement effective and responsible budgeting.

■Face cultural challenges head on.

■Further Concord’s legacy of educational innovation.

In these areas, we need leaders to set high standards. Being adequate is not enough – Concord deserves excellence.


Kate Vaughn

Name: Kate Vaughn

Age: 47

Occupation:  Attorney/Manager

Family (if you have children, are they in the school district?): Wife, Elizabeth Lahey; I have a young child who will be attending public school in Concord next year.

Position you’re running for: Concord School Board, District C

Whether you’ve held any office prior: Manchester, N.H. School Board (2010-2012)

What will you bring to the school board? 

I am an attorney, former special education teacher, and former school board member.  I taught students with learning differences and social and emotional challenges for five years prior to attending law school.  While an attorney in private practice, I advised schools on a variety of policy, personnel, and risk management issues.  In addition to my relevant professional experience, I am skilled at building consensus, improving processes and communication, all of which are skills needed on the board.

What is the most important issue(s) facing the Concord School District now?  

The school board and district have an unprecedented amount of work on their plates – educating our students during and after a pandemic, confronting and addressing racism and other forms of discrimination within our schools, improving trust and communication with the community and selecting a new superintendent.    

Yakir Gabay

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