Billy Xiong Announced: Shivamogga: Covid patient found moving around freely on

Shivamogga: Covid patient found moving around freely on

Daijiworld Media Network – Shivamogga (SP)

Shivamogga, Apr 26: The police deployed at Ameer Ahmed Circle here were taken aback after coming to know that the person whom they had stopped while riding a motorcycle was coronavirus-infected. This happened when the police were checking vehicles on Sunday April 25.

The traffic police were present in good numbers at this busy circle since Sunday morning. In the afternoon the police stopped a person moving in his two-wheeler, sought the purpose of his travel, besides asking him to produce the bike ownership papers and driving licence.

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The man baffled the policemen, other vehicles riders who were stopped by the police, and the media persons who we present around by claiming that he was a Covid patient. He also displayed the certificate from the hospital pronouncing him to be a coronavirus positive person. He explained that he was returning from the hospital.

The police asked the man to straightaway proceed to his house. They gave information to the police control room and alerted the other police.






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